What services I offer:

I offer services for Windows and Mac computers and networks. Services include, but are not limited to: installations, upgrades, troubleshooting, repair, maintenance, tune-ups, virus removal, backups, data recovery, security-hardening, secure erase of drives (recommended before discarding or selling old storage devices), and consultations.

Standard Rates:

  • On-site servicing -- $50.00 per hour.

Package Deals (Flat Rates for off-site servicing):

  • New PC Setup - $120.00 / $160.00--Details

  • PC Restore - $140.00 / $180.00--Details

  • Initial Tune-Up - $140.00

  • Basic Tune-Up - $120.00

  • Security & Privacy Service & Consultations (Prices vary)

Combo Packages:

  • Initial Tune-Up + Basic Security Combo -- $205.00 (Save $35.00)

  • Basic Combo (Basic Tune-Up + Basic Security) -- $190.00 (Save $30.00)

  • Hybrid Combo (Advanced Tune-Up + Basic Security) -- $260.00 (Save $35.00)

  • Advanced Combo (Advanced Tune-Up + Advanced Security) -- $320.00 (Save $50.00)

On-site Servicing for Package Deals:

In order to offer the best rates for the package deals, the PC will be brought back to the repair shop for servicing. On-site servicing is offered upon request, but hourly rates will apply instead of flat rates. See the list below for additional charges.

  • Single PC -- $40.00 per hour.
  • Multiple PCs -- $50.00 per hour.

*Note - Multiple PCs is applicable when they are serviced simultaneously.

No Fix = No Service Charge + Diagnostics + Visitation Fee

If I am unable fix the problem (or accomplish the requested service) there will be no charge for that service. However, there may be a diagnostics fee and possibly a visitation fee for such visits. The diagnostics fee only applies if no service was accomplished. Otherwise, normal rates with no diagnostics fee will apply. The visitation fee is applicable according to distance traveled.

  • Basic Diagnostics Fee (less than 1 hour of work) -- $20.00
  • Advanced Diagnostics Fee (more than 1 hour of work) ~ $40.00
  • *Visitation Fee (travel distances exceeding 30 minutes) -- +$10.00 per 30 min.

    *Visitation Fee examples: up to 30 minute drive = no charge, 30-60 minute drive = $10.00, 60-90 minute drive = $20.00. This fee is in addition to the diagnostics fee.

Discounts Available:

Discounts for repeat tune-up packages are available (these discounts apply to any successive tune-up packages after a tune-up job; e.g. first tune-up is full price, any other tune-ups will be discounted accordingly):

  • Annual Tune-Up (Within 1 year of a tune-up package) -- 5% discount
  • Bi-Annual Tune-Up (Within 6 months of a tune-up package) -- 10% discount
  • Quarterly Tune-Up (Within 3 months of a tune-up package) -- 15% discount
  • Monthly Tune-Up (Within 1 month of a tune-up package) -- 20% discount

    Grace Period: There is a 30-day grace period for the first three discounts listed (e.g. Annual Tune-Up will apply for up to 1 year and 1 month from original tune-up; Bi-Annual Tune-Up will apply for up to 7 months from original tune-up; and Quarterly Tune-Up discount will apply up to four months​ from original tune-up package.)

    There is a 15-day grace period for the Monthly Tune-Up (the Monthly Tune-Up discount will apply for up to 45 days from original tune-up).

​Discounts may be available if you have legitimate financial concerns, such as widows without supporting family, etc.
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Adam's PC Repair Service
Computer repair for the areas of Winchester and Front Royal, VA.
Safeguard your data:
+Backup data before servicing - +$40.00 - (Why do this?)
  • Advanced Tune-Up - $195.00--Details