Pc Tune-Up Package

If you're like most people, you may notice that your PC seems to be getting slower and begins giving you more problems the longer you have it. Perhaps your system crashes more frequently or just simply doesn't run like it used to. Like your car, your PC needs to have a tune-up every so often. A good tune-up will cover several aspects of the computer and result in a system that runs smoother, cleaner, and more efficient. The result is a happy user who can use the PC for its intended purpose instead of having a headache waiting for the PC to respond.

My goal in offering the PC Tune-Up Package is to get your PC running at it's peak performance without reducing the quality or functionality of the machine and to take measures to improve the reliability and life span of certain components to reduce the risk of failure and down-time.

The Advanced Tune-Up Package is recommended for first time customers while the Basic Tune-Up is recommended for subsequent visits. The Basic package is not nearly as thorough as the Advanced.

  • Initial Tune-Up Estimated Time of Completion: ~ 5 to 7 hours

  • Basic Tune-Up Estimated Time of Completion: ~3 to 5 hours

  • Advanced Tune-Up Estimated Time of Completion: ~6 to 9 hours

Please contact me if you would like to request a PC Tune-Up.

Some benefits of what is included in the Advanced Pc Tune-Up:

  • Reduce the risk of data loss do to file system corruption and bad sectors on the hard disk.

  • Fix errors do to system file corruption.

  • Free up disk space and resources by uninstalling unneeded programs and removing temporary files and junk files.

  • Increase startup speed and overall performance by removing unnecessary start-up programs.

  • Improve overall performance, stability, compatibility, and fix security flaws by installing updates for Windows, programs, and drivers.

  • Improve performance and efficiency by optimizing the registry.

  • Improve performance and hard disk reliability by an enhanced defragmenting of the hard disk. (*Note* - Not applicable for solid state drives.)

  • Improve overall performance by optimizing certain settings in Windows.

  • Improve energy efficiency by ensuring power management options are configured.

  • Improve system temperatures and airflow by cleaning the dust from out of the computer.

  • Clean the dirt out of the keyboard and mouse.

  • Clean smudges off of the monitor.

  • Verify system fans are working correctly.

  • A System Restore Point (Windows XP, Vista, 7) as well as an additional back-up of the registry are made before beginning tune-up to ensure safety.
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