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With technology being used far more frequently, from online shopping and business finances, to casual web surfing and chats with friends and families via email, a user's privacy and security are becoming greater risks as well. In the increasing complexity of technology it becomes easy for the average user to miss all the ways their personal information could be leaked and their computers compromised.

My goal in offering the PC Security & Privacy Package is to help harden the security of the user's computer and minimize the risk of malware (such as viruses), harmful websites, unwarranted privacy leaks over the internet, and several others potential risks.

The Basic Pc Security Package is recommended for the average user who wants to reduce the risk of security and privacy concerns as well as help prevent unwanted malware from infecting the computer. The Advanced Pc Security Package is recommended for those users who are very concerned about security and privacy and want to close off as many security holes as they can. The Advanced Package also involves more effort from the customer as we sit down and discuss certain security and privacy concerns and how to customize settings to maximize online privacy while keeping a functional computer.

Please note that these services are offered to harden the security of a PC. I make no guarantees that absolutely every security flaw will be fixed and every hole will be covered. I make no guarantee that your computer will never be infected with another virus or other malware.

Please contact me if you would like to request a Security Package.

Some benefits of what is included in the Advanced Security Package:

  • Fix known security holes by updating Windows, web browsers, anti-virus, firewall, and various software.

  • Ensure an antivirus/firewall program is installed, properly configured, and up to date.

  • Ensure at least one extra anti-malware program is installed for manual scans.

  • Scan the system for viruses, spyware, and other infections.

  • Ensure at least one site advisory program is installed and running on the web browser to warn against potentially harmful websites.

  • Disable unneeded / unused services which could pose potential security risks.

  • Increase security of wireless network by encrypting communications (if present).

  • Enable router firewall and customize port forwarding (if applicable).

  • [Optional] Further protect browsing privacy by blocking cookies and instructing customer how to allow trusted sites

  • [Optional] Reconfigure user accounts so primary user does not have Administrative privileges and ensure all accounts are password protected

  • [Optional] Instruct customer on using a secure password manager to help organize and safely store passwords and to encourage unique password creation for different accounts

  • [Optional] Instruct customer on the importance of secure email sessions.

  • A System Restore Point as well as an additional back-up of the registry is made before beginning Security Package to ensure safety. If malware was present the System Restore Points will be deleted after the malware is fixed and the computer is determined to be functioning properly and a fresh restore point will be made.
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