PC Restore

The PC Restore package is to help you get back up and running after a serious crash in which the computer must be restored to it's initial setup. Included with this package is basic data recovery (assuming the data has not become corrupted and the hard drive is still functional) so that the user files will not be lost. It is recommended that users keep their personal data backed up to reduce the risk of data loss in the event of a system crash. If the user files were already backed up then there will be no backup fee.

  • Without backup fee: $140.00
  • With backup fee: $180.00

Please contact me if you would like to request a PC Restore.

What is included in the PC Restore Package:

  • Backup user files (with backup fee).

  • Reformat hard drive and reinstall Windows.

  • Install and activate an office program.

  • Install and configure an email client.

  • Install and configure printer(s).

  • Install and configure security software.

  • Download and install Windows & Office updates.

  • Download and install Antivirus/Firewall updates.

  • Download and install basic program updates.

  • Install necessary drivers

  • Update the BIOS.

  • Transfer user files from backup.

  • Defragment the hard drive.

  • Make Recovery Media (If only recovery option is via partition rather than disks).
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